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About Nadi Bali

Nadi Bali is home to Nadi Nature Resort and Nadi Farm Café and is located between Jatiluwih and Bedugul in Bali, about 15 minutes’ drive from each. Located at the foothills of Mt Batukaru, Nadi Farm Cafe overlooks rice fields, jungle ravines and on the property, Nadi Nature Resort is a tented mountain eco-resort with three waterfalls running either side of the land to the main river boundary at the bottom of the property.
Nadi, is the Bahasa Indonesia and Hindi word for “pulse” which originated from Sanskrit, meaning lifeforce, channel, flow. The name sets the perfect scene for rest, playfulness and discovery as you experience the property.
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Nadi Nature Resort

Nadi Nature Resort is a relaxing and spacious eco-resort of 4 tented villas suitable for adults and young adults 12 years old and above. Each tent is situated amongst the lush jungle ravine with views of waterfalls, mountains, and rice fields. Nadi Nature Resort is your sanctuary to rest, discover, and be nourished by nature in scenic Jatiluwih, Bali.
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Permaculture at Nadi Nature Resort

Nadi Bali aims to be an inclusive and accessible place where the gates are open to anyone wanting to rest, play and discover. We wanted to not only reduce our carbon footprint and waste, but to work with natural systems to support the growing and producing of food to sustain our entire resort and farm café. 

Our onsite permaculture farm at Nadi Nature Resort grows and supplies the fruits, vegetables and herbs to our restaurant, Nadi Farm Café. We believe in regenerative farming and living, and are passionate to share and educate visitors about permaculture. Come and take a tour of our permaculture farm if you’d like to see how we grow the goodies you eat.

All food waste from our café is composted and goes directly back into the farm’s soil for the next harvest.

Nadi Farm Cafe

Nadi Farm Café is a farm-to-table restaurant located between Jatiluwih and Bedugul in Bali, about 15 minutes’ drive from each. Our menu is sourced from our onsite permaculture farm and from local farms situated on the foothills of Mt Batukaru. 

Our ethos is to nourish our guests with delicious and comforting home-style cooking, which reflects the heritage we as the founders are proud of. We are proud to offer cuisine influenced by Indian, Indonesian Malay and Balinese recipes.

Open from 8am – 8pm 7 days a week. We welcome day visitors as much as we love hosting our overnight guests.
Nadi Farm Cafe
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