The Water

Be nourished by nature

Quench your thirst with the epitome of purity – our resort’s filtered pure spring water, directly sourced from our pristine spring. Abundant in minerals and nutrients, it stands as the purest water awaiting your taste buds in Bali. Straight from our source to your glass, experience the untainted goodness that nature has to offer.

What sets our water apart is our commitment to preserving its natural richness. We take pride in our four-stage natural filtration process, ensuring that the water undergoes purification without compromising its mineral content. In a region facing depleting water sources due to tourism growth and inadequate preservation efforts, our approach stands as a beacon of responsible water consumption.

Amidst the enchanting beauty of Bali, fresh drinking water is an increasingly precious commodity. The island faces the challenge of depleting water sources, exacerbated by the rapid growth of tourism and a lack of water preservation efforts. Nowhere is this struggle more evident than in the southern regions, where serious water shortages pose a significant concern.

By choosing our resort, not only do you treat yourself to the finest water Bali has to offer, but you also participate in a commitment to responsible water consumption. Join us in savoring the unrivaled purity of our spring water while contributing to the preservation of this precious resource in the heart of Bali.
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