The Story


With 15 years as a corporate lawyer, Aishah, born to a Malaysian father and a New Zealander mother, developed a passion for travel early on. Working in Dubai and Hong Kong, she gained a keen eye for hospitality but was troubled by wastage in the industry. In 2019, a permaculture retreat in Bali ignited Aishah’s passion for sustainable luxury, leading to the co-founding of Nadi with Punit in 2023. Aishah’s vision implemented a waste separation system, ensuring responsible practices. Guests at Nadi Nature Resort experience nature in tented villas, offering comfort intertwined with sustainability – a retreat envisioned during Aishah’s corporate years.

Together, Punit and Aishah are on a mission to redefine hospitality, offering guests an authentic, sustainable, and enriching experience at Nadi Nature Resort and Nadi Farm Cafe.


Born in Rajasthan, India, and raised in Hong Kong, Punit honed his hospitality skills in Melbourne. With over 12 years’ experience as a certified sommelier in Michelin-starred restaurants across Asia, Punit’s passion for exploring regional ingredients led to the founding of Nadi in 2023. Fueled by a desire to combat food wastage, Nadi emphasizes hyper-local sourcing, a permaculture farm, and a blend of Rajasthani and Balinese flavours. Nadi Farm Cafe has become a culinary destination, offering a unique travel experience.


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