Why you need to try glamping in Bali

February 25, 2024
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Glamping in Bali – everything you need to know

Bali’s popularity as a holiday destination has skyrocketed since its borders reopened after the pandemic, even topping search lists for winter sun destinations recently. While tourists tend to associate Bali with open-plan villas and infinity pools, an increasingly popular trend is to explore Bali’s unique stays which are popping up around the island to cater to the curious and adventurous. From 5-star safari-inspired tents to bubble hotels, treehouses and camping and glamping in Bali, there is so much to explore with breathtaking scenery.

Whether you call it glamping, luxury camping, or tented accommodation, glamping offers a unique stay holiday with permanent accommodation built in the form of a tent with modern amenities such as AC and ensuites with flushing toilets.  

Here are 3 reasons why you should try glamping on your next trip to Bali: 

  1. The location – Glamping is a great way to install accommodation in hard-to-access areas where building a brick-and-mortar unit would be impossible. Some glamping tents, such as that at Nadi Nature Resort, are built on a robust platform supported by point foundation concrete pillars, which means you get great ventilation and air flow whilst also preserving the natural site. This also means you are likely to be located closer to untouched natural sites and features like Bali’s waterfalls, mountain trails or rice paddies (or in Nadi Nature Resort’s case, all three!) whilst avoiding hoards of tourists angling for the best selfie pose. 
  2. The flexibility – The structure of glamping tents includes wall and window panels which can be rolled up and down as you require. If you fancy an obstructed view from your bed, why not roll up the whole wall while you have an afternoon nap? If the weather turns and it starts raining, just roll your walls back down and roll your windows shut so you can enjoy a cosy cup of tea while listening to the rain (some people have to make-do with the same soundtrack on YouTube).
  3. The convenience – Most people will tell you they’ve wanted to try camping but were put off by the DIY element – sleeping arrangements, showering and toilet facilities. Glamping takes care of all these, which are available in every good glamping tent unit as if you’re in any other hotel room. If you’re a bit nervous about open air showers in tropical locations where the local wildlife can get a bit too friendly, glamping tents such as those at Nadi Nature Resort also offer indoor ensuites which are fully weather-proofed (remember the rain we mentioned above?), so you’ll only get wet if you turn the tap on. 

If you’re curious about glamping in Bali and want to get epic pics of your holiday which your friends will go wild (pun intended) over, book your stay at Nadi Nature Resort here and settle for an adventurous stay with all the modern comforts and luxuries. Bet you didn’t expect to read that all in the same sentence!

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