Nadi Bali – Tour our Permaculture Farm and beautiful Eco-Resort

February 25, 2024
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Welcome to Nadi Bali, home of Nadi Farm Cafe and the beautiful eco-resort, Nadi Nature Resort. Located just a few kilometers from Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, you can experience luxurious glamping in Bali with tents by Escape Nomade, nature tours, and learn about permaculture farming. Our organic farm uses modern and traditional techniques such as mulching, organic compost, and Subak (a traditional Balinese irrigation system). Join us at Nadi Bali for a tour of our farm and be amazed by the beauty of permaculture and regenerative farming.

Nadi Bali Tour

Tour Nadi Bali and walk around our eco-resort with our permaculture farm and food forest, view our waterfalls and stream. End your tour at our farm-to-fork cafe, Nadi Farm Cafe made of bamboo with breathtaking views of Mount Batukaru and rice paddies. Enjoy our healthy and wholesome food with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options all made with local, organic, seasonal produce. 

Permaculture Farming at Nadi Bali – What is permaculture farming?

Permaculture is an integrated ecological farming design and methodology, uses natural principles to create sustainable systems for land management, food production, water harvesting, energy efficiency, and more. Our Nadi Bali founders are passionate about permaculture farming and wanted to provide a regenerative travel solution to hospitality by creating a closed-loop system between the land, the cafe, and the nature resort. Nadi Bali works with nature instead of against it by using all-natural land resources at Nadi Farm Cafe and Nadi Nature Resort then managing waste in an eco-friendly way that also benefits the land, through water filtration, food composting and mulching for crops which are beneficial to the land to continue the cycle.

Take a Tour of Nadi Bali Organic Farm!

Join us on a tour of Nadi Bali and our permaculture farm, where you will learn about sustainable agriculture and the many benefits of permaculture. You’ll also experience our gorgeous Glamping tents at the foot of mount Batukaru, Tabanan, being as immersed and close to nature as possible, without compromising on comfort and luxury, from our Escape Nomade tents.

Learn more about what it takes to live sustainably our a tour of Nadi Bali organic farm, food forest, nature resort and farm cafe where you can discover why permaculture is so essential for our environment!

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