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Experience nature at Nadi Bali

Nadi Farm Cafe and Nadi Nature Resort invite you to rest, play and discover. Situated in the tranquil village of Angseri, Tabanan with views of 3 mountains, jungle ravines, ricefields, streams and waterfalls. Nadi Bali is the perfect place for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in the natural, rural beauty of Bali.

Onsite at Nadi Bali

Explore Nadi Bali by taking a walking tour of our permaculture farm and forage in our food forest and gardens. Make your way down the resort property to bathe in the stream and have a moment of peace on our meditation deck next to the waterfall and natural pond. Hike and bike through rice fields to the surrounding village and dine in our wholesome farm-to-fork cafe, Nadi Farm Cafe.
Experiences at Nadi Bali in Tabanan, mountain and ricefield views

Around Us

Nadi Bali is surrounded by the natural beauty of Tabanan, Bali with many activities to do nearby, either by foot or a short car ride. 

Hike and trek mountains in Tabanan, visit Jatiluwih ricefields and visit Bedugul lakes and traditional Balinese market Candi Kuning. See below for our top 6 experiences within 30 mins from Nadi Bali.

Out and about

Jatiluwih rice fields near Nadi Nature Resort

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Tabanan

Discover the UNESCO heritage of Jatiluwih Rice Terraces as you stroll through the rice paddies. Start exploring now and make new memories that will stay with you forever.
bedugul lakes bali

Beratan Lake, Bedugul

Discover the beauty of this majestic lake in Bedugul and its stunning scenery. Enjoy the cool temperature and relax as you take in the panoramic view of the lake.
Leke Leke Waterfall Bali

Leke Leke Waterfall, Tabanan

Stroll down through bamboo-built bridges and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while exploring one of Bali's most stunning waterfalls. Spend some time here and let the magic of this place envelop you.
Bali Botanical Garden

Bali Botanic Garden, Tabanan

Discover the island's largest collection of wild orchids as you wander through lush gardens, unique plant collections, and remnant tropical forests.
Candi Kuning Market

Bedugul Traditional Market, Bedugul

Discover the freshest fruits and vegetables from the surrounding agricultural areas. Shop at this authentic traditional market for an unforgettable and authentic experience.
Handara Golf Course

Handara Golf Course

Nestled in the majestic Bedugul Highlands of Bali, their stunning golf course is among one of the oldest in the region. Over its long history, countless relationships and memories have been made.
Jatiluwih rice fields near Nadi Nature Resort

Yeh Hoo Waterfall, Tabanan:

This stunning waterfall is one of the most beautiful and secluded spots in Bali - and it's waiting for you to discover its beauty.
bedugul lakes bali

Campuhan Waterfall, Tabanan

Relax at a beautiful waterfall that is easy to access and surrounded by lush nature. Experience the refreshing water of the river, listen to chirping birds, and admire the stunning views of nature.
Leke Leke Waterfall Bali

Babahan Crystal Water, Tabanan

Discover the beauty of nature as you float along the river surrounded by lush rice paddies. Enjoy being mesmerized by the clarity of its crystal-clear water that reflects picturesque views, the perfect way to take in the scenery.
image by pressfoto on Freepik

Hidden Strawberry Garden, Bedugul

Located in the scenic hills of Bedugul, this family-run farm offers a relaxing and educational experience for all. Spend a day of play as you pick your own fresh strawberries, or take a leisurely stroll and savor the stunning views.
Image by serhii_bobyk on Freepik

Gumitir Marigold Garden, Bedugul

Play amongst the vibrant marigolds, take in the magnificent mountain views, and create lasting memories with family and friends.
Leke Leke Waterfall Bali

Luhur Besikalung Temple, Tabanan

Discover this beautiful temple in a protected forest with large old trees and stunning natural scenery. Feel your mind relax as you take in the cool, calm atmosphere.
Jatiluwih rice fields near Nadi Nature Resort

Buyan Lake, Bedugul

Discover its beauty from up high by heading to the nearest hill for an amazing view you won't forget. Create some fantastic memories of your time at this stunning lake in Bedugul.
bedugul lakes bali

Cau Chocolate Tour, Tabanan

Discover the world of cacao and learn about sustainable farming practices that create delicious, organic chocolate.
Leke Leke Waterfall Bali

Angseri Natural Hot Springs, Tabanan

Take a dip in the hot spring pool and let its soothing waters relax your body and soul while you take in the tranquil landscape of terraced rice fields and bamboo forests.

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