Glamping in Bali - What to Expect at a Tented Eco Resort

March 23, 2023
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Glamping in Bali at an eco-resort, is designed to provide guests with the perfect balance between being close to nature and enjoying luxurious accommodation without harming the environment or the local community. Experience glamping in Bali along a jungle ravine with mountain views of Mount Batukaru, rice paddies and waterfalls, at a regenerative eco-resort for an experience like no other.

The beauty of glamping in Bali

Glamping in Bali allows you to be in harmony with Bali's nature, fully immersed yet in the comfort of a luxury tent with AC, an ensuite, and a kingsize bed. With cool bioclimatic designs by Escape Nomade, the spacious and luxurious glamping tents at Nadi Nature Resort use sustainable materials like bamboo and composite flooring from recycled plastic and teak dust. Enjoying being at one with nature and the stunning surroundings of rice fields and mountains at Nadi Nature Resort by rolling up the walls of the glamping tents and feeling the cool breeze and hearing the sounds of nature from all around.

Find out more about glamping at Nadi Nature Resort.

Nadi Nature Resort is a regenerative resort, with a farm-to-fork cafe, Nadi Farm Cafe with all food supplied from local farmers or Nadi's onsite permaculture farm and food forest. Close to UNESCO Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Handara Golf Club and Bedugul Water Temple, there is so much to explore near Nadi Nature Resort as well as walk around the rice paddies, gardens and bathe in the waterfall onsite.

Read on to learn more about why eco-resorts in Bali are trending and why you should stay at this one!

What makes a resort an eco resort?

An eco-resort is structured to provide experiences where visitors can enjoy the natural environment and learn about sustainable practices while indulging in all the luxuries of a traditional vacation. Eco-resorts usually incorporate green and sustainable living practices into their operations, from using local ingredients to creating energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly waste management practices.

Glamping in Bali at an Eco-Resort: Nadi Nature Resort

Glamping at Nadi Nature Resort is a great way to make sure that you positively impact the environment while enjoying yourself in the most relaxing atmosphere. Nadi Nature Resort allows you to experience nature and sustainable living, without compromising on luxury, whilst supporting the local community and environment.

Offering an experience like no other, with 4 luxury tents spaciously situated in the jungle ravine with an open bamboo structured farm cafe, Nadi Bali ensures that all activities you partake in, such as walking through rice fields and exploring farms and forests, have minimal impact on natural resources. Aiming to nurture guests in nature, and inspire visitors to live simply and in harmony with nature, encouraging all who stay to rest, play and discover in nature.

Nadi Bali's organic farm uses permaculture techniques that supply to the restaurant, Nadi Farm Cafe. Moreover, Nadi Nature Resort is actively engaged within the community of Angseri, Tabanan, which creates opportunities and helps build relationships while preserving the village culture and surrounding environment. Glamping in Bali and Bali eco-resorts are quickly becoming more popular as travel trends become more conscious with guests wanting unique and immersive experiences in nature and a different culture. Learn more and experience for yourself here.

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