Nadi Bali - Tour our Permaculture Farm and beautiful Eco-Resort

Welcome to Nadi Bali, home of Nadi Farm Cafe and the beautiful eco-resort, Nadi Nature Resort. Located just a few kilometers from Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, you can experience luxurious glamping in Bali with tents by Escape Nomade, nature tours, and learn about permaculture farming. Our organic farm uses modern and traditional techniques such as mulching, […]

Why eco-resorts are now trending in Bali

The eco-resort trend is taking off in Bali, and it’s only about to get stronger. Only ten years ago, if someone mentioned the term ‘eco resort’ you may be forgiven for thinking of a hippie commune holiday. What has changed in that time is that travel and tourism have been identified as significant contributors to […]

What is a permaculture farm?

Permaculture farming - how does it work? Our founders at Nadi Nature Resort traded in their corporate careers with the idea of setting up a permaculture farm in Bali. You may ask what the draw of such a farm was that it was worth throwing in the towel on job security and comfortable salaries, in […]

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